Elderberry Gummy Bears (30)

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These gummy bears are completely scratch made with super potent elderberry concentrate, which means our gummies are very effective with no added water!

Each bear is roughly equivalent to 1tsp of syrup, which means most children only need one while adults take 3.
Another plus...they are free of any corn products, and made with quality pure beef gelatin which adds collagen and gut health benefits as well.

These gummies must stay refrigerated and be used within 30-45 days. DO NOT FREEZE gummy bears unless you’re freezing in a ziploc bag and defrosting your daily intake individually each day. Freezing and then thawing the entire jar will cause condensation to form inside, and water will be the demise of your gummy bears, as water causes mold! 

Gummy bears are our only none vegan product available

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