Elderberry Syrup XS (8oz)

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Berry healthy!

Each 8oz bottle of XS Syrup contains 48+ teaspoons of our 100% vegan syrup made with 1.5x more berries than our original syrup! Safe for all ages over 18 months.
Not only does our syrup contain 3 organic ingredients, it's honey and spice free and tastes absolutely delicious!

 •Keep it cool

Our bottles need to be refrigerated after opening, but it is recommended to keep the unopened bottles in the fridge as well for prolonged shelf life and best quality. 

Syrup will last 6 months unopened refrigerated, and 4-6 weeks in the fridge after opening. Organic raw sugar acts as the only preservative in this super effective 3 ingredient syrup!

•Why should I use XS?
This higher concentration syrup is perfect for hard to treat, aggressive active illnesses, severe allergies and inflammation! It also prevents nasty day to day germs caught at schools, working environments and is ideal for anyone working in the medical field. Have a very low immune system? A lot of inflammation? Bad allergies? XS is perfect for you!

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